3 Reasons Why You Love English but Hate Other Subjects

Have you ever wondered why you love one subject (e.g. English) but hate other subjects? When I was a school student back in 1990s I hated almost all subjects at school, lyceum and later at the university? When I started teaching English in 2002 I started wondering why it so happened that I hated many subjects but crazily loved English. There were at least 3 reasons for that.

1. I loved and respected my teachers

Perhaps, the main reason why I loved English was because I respected my teachers most. Prior to entering the university I worked with a number of private teachers and my love to English didn't grow as much as I wanted. Lessons were very interesting and useful but I don't know ... Perhaps, I was too much oberservant I could always find something wrong in my teachers. Anyway ...

The teachers I loved most were two people I met when I entered Uzbekistan State World Language University back in 2004. They are Barno opa Mirsalikova and Dilorom opa Gazieva. I thank the God that I had a privilige to learn English from these two amazing people from whom not only I learned English but also integrity, self-respect and a new view on life.

2. I understood topics my teachers explained

Once I was sure I was with the right people I could finally collect all my thoughts, fully concentrate and listen to what my teachers were talking about. I understood almost every single thing they would explain.

And when I understood what I was trying to learn, the subject became more meaningful, interesting and even exciting. As I started seeing my academic results, my love, passion and interest in learning English grew even more.

3. I could connect English to a real life

For me it was always important to see the connection between the subject and a real life . I wanted to see and understand the clear benefits of why I should learn a particular subject. For example, because I never loved and respected my Math teacher (may peace be upon him), I was always afraid of asking him my questions. Because I couldn't ask any questions and there was a huge problem with a mutual dialogue between me and my teacher I could never connect Math formulas to a real life. Consequently, I lost all my interest in learning this wonderful subject.

As regards to English, thanks God it was a totally different and positive experience. I could always ask questions and talk with my English teachers. We were so close to each other that when my English teacher Barno opa Mirsakilova immigrated to the USA in the middle of teaching semester my whole world was shaken. It was at this time I approached Dilorom opa Gazieva with my questions related to English and later she became my mentor as well.

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