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Introduction to my Blog


Welcome to my blog, where I will share my ideas, expertise, and tips on how I teach and learn English. The purpose of my blog is to help both teachers and students seek guidance, receive support, and increase their productivity and effectiveness in teaching and learning.

I am planning to create and share useful educational and actionable content on a weekly basis. Teachers with little or rich teaching experience, and students who are in the middle of learning and mastering English will benefit from following and reading my blog a lot.

My blog's design is also very important and a critical part of its success, as I want my readers to be able to fully focus while reading and feel cheerful at the same time. Therefore, the blog has only four colours, which are white, black, grey, and light purple. There will be no left- or right-side bar and/or pop-up ads to avoid distracting and annoying my readers.
About Me
My name is Akmal, and I am a teacher of English, including kids English, IELTS, and English for Specific English Purposes. I also teach many other interesting subjects or modules, such as Developing Professional Identity, Personal Development, Employability Skills, and etc.
My 4th grade students who were preparing for the entrance exams at Presidential Schools in 2018.
I started teaching in 2002, when I was still a university student myself. Ever since I have experienced many failures and successes, I am happy to meet with novice teachers and help them get on track in teaching and pedagogy. So far, I have worked with and trained groups of teachers at two private schools in Tashkent and helped them to feel more confident, organized, and productive at work.

After the COVID-19 restrictions, I also became interested in teaching and working online, so you can find a short information about the online speaking course that I am developing these days. It is set to be launched in late July or early August 2023. Besides that, I am also highly interested in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they can transform the way we teach and assess our students.

This is a short information to me and my blog. I hope you will enjoy your experience, and welcome on board!

Akmal Akbarov
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