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Effective Use of AI Technologies to Improve Teacher Productivity in Lesson Plan Design
Request a facilitated session to be held at your school or university! Help your faculty members stay up-to-date with the latest trends and be in tune with the technological innovations in education.
Session at Your Place
It is quite an interactive and informative session where participants work actively.
Two Hours
AI Plan
Session is free and there are no extra obligations. I like building connections.
The plan for the session is developed by using an artificial intelligence.
This is an offline session but upon request can be arranged online as well.
Who will Benefit
English Teachers
... who need to create or help in creation of lesson plans and other learning materials.
Module Leaders
... who are working on developing syllabus, lesson plans, and assessment materials.
...who constantly receive emails and must reply professionally on a daily basis.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to ...
to identify at least two AI-powered tools that can improve teacher productivity in lesson
plan design
evaluate the features and benefits of each AI tool and identify potential limitations of using
AI tools in education
engage in small group discussions to share ideas and experiences related to the use of AI in
lesson plan design
explore potential ways to integrate AI tools into their own teaching practice and apply these tools to improve their productivity and create
high-quality lesson plans
Session Facilitator
Akmal Akbarov
Teacher and facilitator
I am using AI to provide personalized learning experiences, automate grading and feedback, assist with lesson planning and curriculum design, respond to our students' email inquiries, research various issues, and write better. By leveraging the power of AI, teachers and module leaders can save time, improve student outcomes, and create more effective and engaging learning experiences for their students. It's important to note that AI should be used as a tool to support and enhance, rather than replace the expertise and experience of teachers and module leaders.
Session Plan
Almost the whole plan for this facilitated session is generated by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Warm-up Activity
    Participants of the session work with each other and discuss interesting questions related to the topic of the session.
  • Presentation & Exploration
    Facilitator presents some AI tools and explores how they can used in education and education administration.
  • Groupwork & Discussion
    Participants work small groups of two or three and evaluate the features and benefits of each AI tool.
  • Plenary Discussion
    Representatives of of each small group come up and presents the key points raised by the group members. They also answer the questions.
  • Book Raffle
    To encourage attendance one of the luckiest participants can win the best selling book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R.
  • Session Evaluation
    Participants are asked to evualuate the session and leave their honest and constructive feedback at the end of the session.
* you should pay attention :)
Is it free?
Yes, but...
Universities Embracing AI
I have had the privilege of meeting with & leading sessions for the teaching & administrative staff
at several top universities.
Free Take-Aways
The following guidebooks on how to ChatGPT can be downloaded by scanning QR codes provided at the end of the facilitated session. Printed versions are also available upon request.
Contact Me
Akmal Akbarov
Phone: +998 (90) 119 36 85
If I do not respond, please write.
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