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The Working Week
Drones Are Growing Into $ 100 Billion Industry
The covid-19 lockdown in Las Vegas has taken a heavy toll on the city's entertainment and hospitality industries, and hundreds of thousands are out of work.
Your Homework for Unit-2
Do them when they are assigned as homework by your teacher.
Translate the new words into Uzbek or Russian. You need them when you study this unit.
Do this test and an answer key will be provided by your teacher during your online lesson.
Kahoot Quiz
Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that brings engagement and fun.
Read the article and then do the Vocabuary quiz to learn new words.
Do Quiz
Read the article and then do the Vocabuary quiz to learn new words.
Do Quiz
This is a listening task & its audio from your workbook. Listen to it several time if it isn't easy.
Writing Tasks
There are two types of writing tasks in Intermediate level:
1) Paragraph writing. 2) Writing exercises.
Write a short paragraph on the topic and submit your work.
Do the exercises and submit your work.
If you don't practise what you learn, it is absolutely useless. You will forget it tomorrow. I remember my 1st day at university. My grammar was almost perfect but I couldn't speak a word in English. So what I did? I tried to speak English every day. This is how I improved my speaking. Same thing I did with writing. In order to improve my writing, I wrote every day.
Akmal Akbarov
Founder, teacher
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