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1. Understanding Diagram Labeling and Flowchart Completion Questions:
  • Diagram labeling and flowchart completion questions are common in the IELTS listening test.
  • Diagrams can cover various topics, providing clues for answers.
  • Flowcharts depict steps in a process, requiring understanding and sequencing.
2. Preparation Strategy:
  • Read instructions carefully regarding word limits for answers.
  • Analyze labels and titles for context and clues.
  • Predict possible answers based on keywords and types of information required.
  • Anticipate synonyms and paraphrasing of information.
  • Listen for introductions and context-setting phrases in the recording.
3. Listening Techniques:
  • Listen for answers in the order they are presented in the questions.
  • Be aware of distractors (words or phrases that change or correct information).
  • Never leave a blank space on the answer sheet; make educated guesses if needed.
4. Practice and Review:
  • Practice using the strategy with sample questions.
  • Review correct answers to understand how paraphrasing and distractors are used.
5. Specific Tips:
  • Pay attention to numerical values and units, considering potential synonyms.
  • Look out for key words and phrases to identify answers accurately.
  • Be cautious of distractors that may lead to incorrect answers.
  • Continuously practice with past papers to improve skills.
Answering Diagram & Flowchart Questions
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