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Are you aiming to secure IELTS overall band 7.0 or 7.5? This is the right place.
Unlock Your Academic Potential with our 4-Month Mindset for IELTS course.
Mindset for IELTS-03 offers an extensive array of IELTS topics and provides clear guidance on all the necessary skills and strategies to ensure thorough preparation for test day.
😍Our Advantages👇
There are at least six amazing advantages of this self-paced online course.
  • Interactive e-Homework Tasks
    ✅8 units to enhance your reading, listening, speaking, & writing skills. You will be able to access to online tasks & exercises for practical application of what you've leant during your live online lessons with your IELTS tutor.
  • Lesson PDFs
    ✅ Reading fascinating articles and watching educational documentary films will help you not only improve your reading and listening abilities but also expand your horizons.
  • Quick Grading & Feedback
    ✅ Getting instant grades and guiding feedback through our user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) means you no longer have to wait for your IELTS tutor to check & mark your homework tasks when you complete and submit them.
  • Interactive & Live Online Lesson
    ✅ Participate in interactive and live online lessons, which are held three times per week with your teacher, Akmal Akbarov. Ask questions, clarify your doubts, participate in discussions, and exchange opinions with your peers.
  • Skills Upgrade
    ✅ During the course, you also learn grammar points and have the opportunity to practice what you learn. When you are at home, you do a lot of grammar, listening, and reading e-tasks.
    You can revise what has been taught to you.
  • Flipped Classroom
    ✅ Unlike our Talk the Talk-3.0 online speaking course, most of the homework tasks will be given before the lessons. This will help you be more prepared, equipped, and armed to actively speak during our live online lessons with your peers.
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❗️To join this course, you need to be at least at an Upper-Intermediate (B2) level in English and be over 20 years old.❗️
⏰Timetable 👇
Live online lessons will be held on the following
days and time slots.

Monday: 20:00-21:30

A Zoom link will be shared in the Telegram group at 20:00 (Tashkent time).
Wednesday: 20:00-21:30
A Zoom link will be shared in the Telegram group at 20:00 (Tashkent time).
Friday: 20:00-21:30
A Zoom link will be shared in the Telegram group at 20:00 (Tashkent time).
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Group learning package is for individual students and corporate learning is for companies.
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Monthly Speaking Exams

Monthly Written Exams

Regular Academic Consulting

Regular Individual Feedback

Tailor-Made Curriculum

Intensive Speaking Lessons

Intensive Grammar Lessons

Extra Grammar e-Tasks

Flipped Classroom teaching

Recorded Grammar Lessons

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Corporate Learning
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Comprehensive Benefits

Personalized Learning

Limited Group Size (10 sts)

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Only Expert Teachers

English Language Focus

24/7 Online Student Support

Personalized e-Homework

Automated Grading System

Monthly Speaking Exams

Monthly Written Exams

Monthly Progress Reports

Regular Individual Feedback

Tailor-Made Curriculum

Intensive Speaking Lessons

Intensive Grammar Lessons

Extra Grammar e-Tasks

Flipped Classroom Teaching

Recorded Grammar Lessons

FREE Downloable PPTs

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Darya Abdalimova
Quality Management System (QMS) Manager, INHA University
I have recently returned from abroad and was concerned about maintaining my English language skills without regular practice at work or home. One day, I came across Akmal's announcement on Telegram about an upcoming online speaking course. The prospect of an online course immediately caught my attention.

After careful consideration of my abilities and discovering a discount for the first enrollment, I decided to join the course. Akmal had thoughtfully scheduled the classes for 8 p.m., a time when most of us had already returned home from work and had finished dinner. Instead of mindlessly watching TV or lounging on the sofa, I could engage in something productive and improve my language. The platform created for the course is user-friendly with intuitive navigation, making it convenient for all participants. The group size is limited to 8-10 people, which creates a comfortable environment where everyone receives ample attention and opportunities to actively participate. Additionally, regular small group discussions are incorporated into the course structure.

Overall, this course is ideal for individuals who wish to maintain their English proficiency but struggle to find time for in-person classes. Akmal Akbarov did an excellent job selecting relevant topics for each lesson. Engaging monthly assessments are conducted in diverse and interesting ways. Thanks to Akmal's initiative, we even had offline a team-building meeting with our fellow classmates once.

I extend my best wishes to all future students for successful language studies, and I hope Akmal Akbarov continues to be inspired and energized by new ideas for his courses.
Alisher Sabirov
Head of Labour Union, Westminster International University in Tashkent
Dear Akmal,

This is my first online language learning experience, which turned out to be successful. I like the atmosphere that prevails in our class. Thanks to you, we managed to unite like-minded students who are really interested in this course. The online method of teaching and the timing of our lessons completely satisfy those who are willing to combine work and study. In my opinion, the attractiveness of this course largely depends on your dedication to teaching and your self-development as a teacher. Thank you, Akmal. Keep calm and enjoy the party.

I would also like to tell you that my decision to surf our website was unexpectedly interesting. Getting to know you as a writer overwhelmed me in the best sense of the word. Congratulations! By the way, I confess that it has been my dream that I have been thinking about for the last few years. Personally, the e-books you have uploaded have been beneficial and amusing for me. Expressions like "running like a hairless chicken" made my day. And as you mentioned in one of your e-books, "Rome was not built in one night." I have read a couple of them and decided to leave the others for the next few days.

Another astonishing "kick" was received when I saw the result of the test I passed. To tell the truth, I took the test just for fun and did not expect such a high grade for my effort. Even if there are some technical mistakes in calculating the test results, I have passed, and the real picture is far from reality. I am proud of myself.

Summarizing my thoughts, I would like to tell you one thing only. Don't lose direction, captain.

P.S. Now to the nickname - Doc (Doctor of Philosophy) that we lovingly address you as, I imagine you as the captain of a ship (Cap), leading the team to new discoveries.
Asadbek Sindarov
Software Engineer, Exadel Inc.
The speaking course was very well conducted. Most of my groupmates are great people. During live lessons, we discussed different topics, and during discussion, we used a variety of vocabulary that we'd learned while doing the homework tasks, which greatly improved my speaking skills.
Iroda Inogamova
Price Water Coopers, Deals Advisory, Dubai, UAE
I have graduated from Westminster University in Tashkent and worked as an Audit Associate at Deloitte and Touche. Therefore, my academic/corporate English was good enough to perform well, but I had very little speaking practice and felt unconfident about my speech.

When I decided to take my career to a next level, I started visiting Akmal's classes. It was an incredible idea because I could not find more enthusiastic professional, who knew exactly how to help me in a short period of time.

Besides Akmal's professionalism, I want to point out that he has got unique personality. He is always ready to help his students from different perspectives and this is something that differs him from other tutors.

I am very thankful for our productive and at the same time interesting classes, which helped me to achieve my career aspirations and pass a job interview for an international company in Dubai.
Anora Abdukadirova
HR Manager, Canadian School of Tashkent
I am writing to highly recommend Mr. Akmal, my ex-IELTS teacher whom I had the pleasure of reconnecting with during the MDIS entrance exams. Mr. Akmal is an exceptional educator who displays unwavering dedication and a true passion for his profession.

During my time as Mr. Akmal's student, I found his classes to be incredibly engaging and enriching. During the classes, we always were in discussions, group work, and peer-to-peer activities. This approach not only made the learning process enjoyable but also expanded our knowledge beyond the scope of the exam.

Mr. Akmal's teaching style was highly appreciated by all the students. He consistently encouraged active participation and provided valuable feedback, ensuring that we understood the material and could apply it effectively. He was always available for clarification or further explanations, making himself accessible and approachable to address any concerns or questions we had.

I believe that he will continue to inspire and empower future learners with his exceptional teaching skills and genuine love for his profession.
Madina Teshaboeva
Graduate, Westminster International University in Tashkent
Мне посчастливилось попасть в группу Акмаля Акбарова на подготовительных курсах Вестминстерского университета. На первом же занятия, я поняла, что мне повезло. Меня поразило то, что он ни разу за наши занятия или после занятий, не употребил ни одного слова на русском или узбекском, даже когда разговор не касался урока.

Тем ни менее, все, что он объяснял, было всегда понятно, несмотря на то, что уровень моего английского на тот момент был низкий. Я очень полюбила наши занятия, так как, каждое занятие было уникальным и интересным, со своими методами и интерактивными заданиями, поэтому, все в группе старались не пропустить ни одного занятия.

Акмаль ака часто придумывал разные методы и задания, которое нас всегда мотивировало изучать и полюбить английский язык. Я очень хорошо помню одно из наших занятий, которое проходило в ботаническом саду. Мы устроили там пикник и играли различные игры. Было очень весело, а главное полезно для усовершенствования языка.

Так же помню, что он открыл свой блог и опубликовывал наши рассказы. Он даже мотивировал меня написать рассказ на английском языке, такой уж учитель Акмаль ака! Тогда, я первый раз в жизни написала рассказ на английском языке, которой понравился всем моим одногруппникам и посетителям блога.

Акмаль ака очень креативный, опытный, и просто говоря, один из лучших учителей английского языка на занятиях которого, каждый полюбит и будет стремиться изучить английский язык. Благодаря его занятиям и строгому правилу: "Only English", я смогла побороть свой страх и барьер разговорного английского.

За это, низкий поклон и благодарность Акмаль аке. Спасибо большое, Акмаль ака! Я очень рада что, когда-то попала к Вам в группу!
Mukhlisa Kadirova
Graduate, AKFA University
Изначально, целью моего обращения к Акмалю Акбарову была подготовка к экзамену IELTS. Ранее, я узнала, что в нашей стране начнет работу медицинский университет, обучение в котором будет проходить на английском языке.

Соответсвенно, в требования университета входило наличие сертификата IELTS. Времени было не так много, на подготовку оставалось примерно два-три месяца. И за это время мы сделали невероятный прорыв!Акмаль-ака обучил меня не только стратегиям прохождения международного экзамена, он научил меня быть смелее и увереннее в себе, более того-он помог мне перебороть языковой барьер.

Благодаря его усилиям, за такой короткий промежуток времени(1,5 месяца) мой общий балл IELTS составляет 6.5, и самое главное-я поступила в университет Akfa Medline. Хочу сказать, что Акмаль-ака является одним из самых прекрасных учителей в моей жизни, а образовательный центр Investudy я с уверенностью могу назвать лучшим в своей сфере. Огромное вам спасибо за ценные знания и опыт!
Farhod Rasulov
CEO, Harbour Gate International, Dubai, UAE
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Akmal aka for teaching me English during my preparation for university exams about 6 years ago. When I took his classes, at the beginning, I still remember my English language skills were very poor. But in just a few months because of his effective lessons I started speaking and writing in English well.

Without Mr Akmal's help and support to learn English, I know, I would not have reached to my success today as a successful graduate-student from the Northern University of Malaysia, International Business Management. Moreover, without his help I could not have established my companies in Malaysia and in the United Arab Emirates today.

I understand the foreign language is very important in our global world and global market today. That's why, I highly recommend Mr Akmal to anyone who wants to learn English.

I am very happy to see my teacher's achievements and ambitions to teach English to young students from our country. As a result of his hard work with me, I have become a successful businessman today.
Когай Диана
South Korea
Зачастую я относилась к онлайн урокам довольно скептически, как можно передать и донести детям всю информацию просто через "сидение в онлайн конференциях"? Мистер Акмаль именно тот профессионал, который позволил мне улучшить уровень моего английского не зависимо от того, что сидим ли мы в классе или в zoom. Помимо стандартных работ с students book и work book, нам предоставляются видио уроки с объяснением новых тем, интересные журнальные статьи и многое другое. Стоит отметить, что уроки проходят информативно, весело и увлекательно. Безусловно, мне очень повезло учиться у такого преподавателя.
A'lohon Rahmonov
Graduate, Westminster International University in Tashkent
Я бы хотел поблагодарить Акмал ака Акбарова за 2 летнее качественное обучение меня. Когда я был 9ым классом, я начал с ним заниматься и мой уровень английского языка был "beginner". Мы занимались с ним 2 года и за это время мы успели пройти general English, academic English(IELTS) и Business English .

Мне нравился его метод преподавания, так, как они были высоко качественными и интересными. Как учитель, он строгий, требовательный и имеет много летний опыт работы со студентами разного возраста что является, по моему мнению, необходимым для преподавателя. Он мне помог во многом и одним из главных было, то что он научил меня не стоять на одном месте, двигаться вперед и всегда работать над собой.

Я очень рад, что поступил в Вестминстерский Университет(МВУТ) благородя стараниям и усердной работе Акмал аки.
Ibrokhim Sadikov
Founder, Welldone Interactive Learning Center
Textbooks can prescribe basic principles of language, but there is no replacement for a teacher. Thus I always choose to learn from the best. During my studies at Westminster International University in Tashkent, I was very lucky and it was great honour to study under the tutelage of Akmal Akbarov.

He gave me exposure to improve my writing and develop it for academic purposes for which I am very thankful. His classes were always full of joy and unpredictably interactive. I can tell you without any hesitation that by the end of the term I started to write very organized, coherent and fluent essays which was very helpful through my academic and professional life.

He really loves what he does and therefore I think he is so successful in sharing his knowledge and experience with us. Moreover, his seminars are very straightforward to understand as he always uses creative teaching methods.

In a few words, Akmal Akbarov is dedicated to his proffesion which you can experience just by visitng his class. He is a natural teacher.
Abduvali Irgashov
Financial Specialist, Association "Agromir Group"
I am so grateful to know Akmal Akbarov. He is a great teacher and friend. Based on personal experience I can say that Akmal Akbarov knows how and when to help. His guidance brings value throughout life. Akmal Akbarov's each class has a smooth flow of teaching process and unique atmosphere.

While teaching he combines all - personal and professional skills, student's interests, passion and motivation. If you choose to learn from the best, then AKMAL AKBAROV is the person you are looking for. I highly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to improve his/her English fast and efficiently.
Guriy Froyanchenko
Graduate, Westminster International University in Tashkent
I met Akmal Akbarov in 2009 and I still remember our interesting tutorials. By that time I had studied English with many other teachers but only with Akmal I managed to reach feasible progress. I started from Elementary level and in 9 months I was ready to enter the university.

I remember difficulties and challenges I faced in the course of learning. English was never easy for me. However, Akmal explained me some usefull tricks and techniques which helped me to enhance my understanding of English. During the tutorials he covered main aspects such as speaking, reading, listening and writing.

The most important detail to note is that he loves teaching and his primary goal is to help students. This keeps students motivated. His methods, atitude, attention and professionalism make him the best teacher for students of any level and age. If you are still thinking where to study English, let Akmal Akbarov help you and you will never regret!
Shakhnoza Safarova
Graduate, Westminster International University in Tashkent
I am truly grateful to Akmal Akbarov for his great attutude towards students and excellent work. When I started the lessons with Mr. Akbarov, I could not speak fluently and had no idea about writing academic or general essays.

Because of his interesting, interactive and helpful classes, I improved my English skills and became good at it. Most important thing is I achieved my goal. With the help of his motivation and support, I enrolled to academic lyceum under Westminister International University and successfully graduated. Now I am the student of this university.

I want to say that Akmal Akbarov is one of the best teachers and people I have ever met and really thankful to him!
Doniyor Hidoyatov
Student, Management Development Institute of Singapore
Дорогой Акмаль Акбаров в первую очередь спасибо вам за то что вы есть в нашей жизни.

Вы очень крутой человек , у вас свой индивидуальный подход к каждому уроку , учиться у вас было очень прияно. Я многого достиг с вашей помощью , благодаря вам я поступил в Сингапурский Институт ,спасибо вам за каждый урок который вы нам преподали. Вы были очень требовательным и с уважением относились к каждому уроку , вы профессионал своего дела.

С уважением и гордостью рекомендую всем кто желает научиться английскому языку и достичь своих целей Акмаля Акбаровича он педагог высшего уровня и самый лучший учитель.
Lutfulla Yuldashev
Student, HFU Business School, Germany
I have known Akmal Akbarov since 2010 and throughout this period, I remember him with only positive memories.

He is a very professional teacher of English who has his own individual approach to each student. His English classes were very interesting and constructive, and every time I used to learn something new from him. Apart from being a professional, he is a very good person whom one can trust and rely both on academic and on social matters. I personally think that he loves his job and this is important because as they say "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life".

All in all, I would recommend Akmal Akbarov to anyone who wants to learn English, because he has a perfect mixture of a great teacher and a great person.
Doston Mamatov
Audit Senior at Earnest & Young
I am proud to say that I know Akmal Akbarov and that he was my English tutor. He helped me to improve my English and gave me valuable advice on passing IELTS exam. Thanks to his help, I successfully entered Westminster International University in Tashkent.

His efforts helped me to realize my dream. In my opinion, he has a unique teaching method which is different from many tutors' techniques. To explain everything about him in words will require me to write a whole book.

In short, I can say that the way he used to communicate with me and students made us study English hard. In every new topic, he used jokes, interesting stories and real life situations which made lessons more interesting, fun and easy to understand.

Using only English during the classes developed my habit of speaking and thinking in English with my friends as well which really improved my speaking skills. The interactive games during the lessons, audio and video materials made lessons fascinating and effective.

He always tries to show only positive emotions and never shows his anger. I really respect him not only as an English tutor but also as a person. He never refused to help if I needed some help. Last but not least, I would like to thank Akmal Akbarov for his efforts and recommend him as the best tutor for learning English.
Bahriddin Abdiev
University of Melbourne, Australia
Would you believe me if I told you I got my required score 6.5 by just preparing two months in IELTS for the first time? It is all thanks to Akmal Akbarov as I was 100 % sure that he was a guru of his job for several reasons.

Before I met Akmal in person, I had known him as a charismatic English teacher. This is because I would always read his amazing articles and guide books published on his personal blog. He would always share useful links in his social networking pages and was very keen on helping others improve their English in his comments.

I have known Akmal Akbarov mostly through the Facebook for two years. However, you know, even learning from professionals is sometimes very boring experience. But it was entirely different with him. He makes his lessons so fun and joyful that you don't think you are sitting in the lesson but rather in a stand-up comedy show or a debate club.

Furthermore, during the lessons he shares a lot of useful tricks, tactics and strategies which I found very helpful in my IELTS examination this year. I can tell you some of them right now, but it is better to learn first-hand from the professional himself.

That is why, I strongly recommend Akmal Akbarov to improve your English language skills.
Seun Yu
Graduate, Jeon Buk National University, South Korea
Hi, this is a lot of joy to write testimonial talking about Akmal Akbarov's lessons. I met him 2008 when I arrived in Taskent first time in my life. It's been 6 years ago - so at that time he was already a teacher who always tries to get ready for joyful and meaninful English class.

Reading, speaking, writing, listening are all things of important subjects that benefit students for improving English, Akmal Akbarov had a skill to see things equally balanced and to teach students them with variety of materials, such as presentation files, links to Web pages, and assessment questions.

He tought his students, including me, how to write a coherent sentence and laboriously correct the work of each pupil.

I am sending him a loud applause for a lot of his hard work into teaching English, and still want to say Thank you. Follow him! It is your best bet!
Viktoriya Burakova
Graduate, Westminster International University in Tashkent
Я познакомилась с Акмалем Акбаровым в 2011 году на под-курсах в Международном Вестминстерском университете.

Я узнала много нового и старалась не пропускать его занятия, потому что каждый урок был всегда интересен и отличался от предыдущего. Благодаря этим урокам я осуществила свою мечту и смогла поступить в Вестминстерский университет!

Я хочу сказать большое спасибо за профессионализм обучения и за помощь, которую он оказывал и оказывает всем тем, кто хочет выучить английский Язык.

Акмаль Акбаров -это креативный, позитивный, справедливый и просто очень хороший человек, который помогает нам студентам с каждым уроком стать ближе к нашей цели! Это человек, который знает как мотивировать и знает правильный подход к своим студентам.

Я очень рада и благодарна , что мне выпала возможность учиться у вас в группе!

Большое спасибо и удачи во всем!
Madinahon Ilmiaminova
Manager at IT Investments Center under MITC
As a former student of Akmal Akbarov, I will always remember his willingness and courage to help me improve my English 7 years ago. At that time I did not have any hope to learn English and make my dreams of studying abroad come true. At that time, he taught me not only English but also supported me psychologically and mentally to believe in myself with his expert knowledge and skills of teaching.Moreover, I shortly would like to share my experience during my studying with Akmal Akbarov.

Personally, at that time, I was a little shy and introverted person towards learning with the group of students together. I was really afraid of making mistakes and being shy of my false statements during the class. However, he made me overcome those difficulties and being shy of my mistakes. He told me to learn from my mistakes and not repeat the same mistakes for the second time. I have studied with him more than 6 months. During those months, I have learned more than I expected. He inspired me to work on myself more and more so that I could achieve my dreams and goals.

Today I earned my Bachelor Degree abroad and currently I am doing my Master's Degree in Bishkek as well because of his contribution to my learning.

Lastly, I would strongly recommend you to work with Akmal aka without any doubts. His role in my learning English and spiritual support made me where I am today. I would personally appreciate his hard-work and encouragement for his students. I believe he is one of the best English teachers not only to improve your English but also to improve your interpersonal and communication skills and develop the knowledge to fuel your passion to pursue your dreams.
Yuliya Quinones
CEO, YuliQ, Inc Manhattan, New York
Akmal Akbarov is my FAVORITE English language teacher since 2010. When I took the course, he was teaching at Westminster International University in Tashkent. My experience was GREAT.

Akmal draws on his experience as an English teacher to explain materials in a very coherent and enjoyable manner. He also has a wonderful disposition which makes him one of the best teachers I know. Not only are his classes interesting, they are also informative and prepare you very well for the exams pointing out important aspects of the subject that answers all of your questions.

I have attended many of Akmal's classes. Not only is he EXCELLENT and he is also an inspiring teacher. He is the best mentor in the field. He guides you effectively to success both in the exams and your future projects. You may fall asleep in other English language classes, but NEVER expect that to happen in Akmal's! His classes are filled with dramatic and exciting new information every moment.

Akmal is always articulate and well informed. It is truly a pleasure to interact with him. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who is seeking to improve their English language skills to take a course from Akmal. It's totally worthy!

Thank you so much, Akmal, for being such a GREAT teacher.
Dilmurod Inagamov
Данным отзывом хочу поблагодарить Акмаля Акбарова за оказанную помощь в освоении языка. Его программы и новые методы в преподавания языка были весьма полезны для меня и сокурстников.

Дебаты и другие интерактивные мероприятия на различные темы, помогли мне преодолеть языковой барьер. Акмаль старается дать что то новое на каждом уроке. Поэтому студенты посещают его классы с большим удовольствием.

Всем тем кто хочет научиться разговаривать на английском языке, советую обратиться к Акмалю Акбарову.
Zarif Umarov
Social Media Manager
Я познакомился с Акмалем Акбаровым в 2002 году, за все это время я знаю его как отличного педагога по Английскому языку. Его интерактивный метод очень интересен для учеников и очень легок для усвоения что очень важно. Он полон энергии и энтузиазма, к каждому уроку готовится очень тщательно. Добивается того чтобы каждый ученик хорошо понимал пройденную программу.

Из личных качеств Акмаля могу сказать что он эрудированный, амбициозный, всегда открытый, с ним всегда легко находить общий язык любому собеседнику, пунктуальный во всех делах и конечно же не могу не отметить что он добрый.

Я очень рад что знаком с таким человеком и искрении желаю ему успеха в личной жизни и в бизнесе.
Hosiyat Tosheva
Freelancer OPI Interpreter at Glocco Language Service
Мне посчастливилось учиться в группе, специально организованной Акмалем Акбаровым, будучи студентом УзГУМЯ.

Он отличный методист и педагог. Каждый наш урок состоял из оригинально подобранных им материалов, в комплексе развивающих не только лингвистические стороны английского языка, но и умение студентов свободно выражать свою личность, способность обмениваться мнениями и идеями, правильно преподносить и подавать свои мысли и речь на иностранном языке во время занятий.

Такой своеобразный творческий подход, что является редкостью в нашей педагогике, дает возможность его ученикам и студентам обучаться языку легко и быстро, будучи вдохновлёнными каждым новым уроком и ожидающими с нетерпением следующий.

Его методика направлена на укрепление знаний языка вне рамках педагогики, во многом отстающей от современного подхода, а в тщательно разработанной для освоения грамматической, лингвистической и разговорных частей языка в целом, а также развития индивидуальной личности, чему примером являются студенты нашей группы, каждый из которых нашел свое особое место в карьере и в жизни, окончив университет.

Хотелось бы, чтобы в наших учебных заведениях было побольше таких творческих и неустанно работающих над собой, над своей методологией преподавателей, как Акмаль Акбаров.
Alisher Saidrasulev
Product Manager, BASF - Uzbekistan
Настоящим письмом, хочу выразить свою большую благодарность педагогу английского языка высшей категории Акбарову Акмалю Аскарджановичу. За проявленный профессионализм, опыт и глубокие знания английского языка. Благодаря его курсам я легко восстановил свои знания английского языка и приобрел новые.

Особенно хотел бы отметить методику преподавания и подхода педагога к процессу обучения. Применение современных интерактивных способов обучения, книг последнего издания стали не маловажным фактором, которые помогли восстановить язык в кратчайшие сроки.

Желаю Вам дорогой Акмаль Аскарджанович оставаться всегда таким высококвалифицированным преподавателем с большой буквы, который еще не раз выпустит своих прекрасных учеников с большим багажом знаний, который в свою очередь послужит крепким фундаментом для новых начинаний.

С большим уважение Ваш студент,
Алишер Саидрасулев

Nizomiddin Kuchkarov
General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan
“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher” - Japanese Proverb. Akmal Akbarov, is indeed one of such great teachers who takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. I met him almost 6 years ago when I studied in his EAP class at Westminster International University in Tashkent. His lessons were always interesting, interactive and full of useful information.

Currently there are lots of people in our country who have quite good command of English and almost every second of them claim to be a teacher and tutoring became a good source of income for them. Yet, knowing a language and teaching it to someone else are completely different things. Unlike such pseudo-teachers, Akmal aka is a real professional for whom teaching has become a meaning of life, not just a way to find some money in his free time.

​Whenever, my close friends or relatives ask me to recommend a good English teacher, the first person who comes to my mind is Akmal aka. If you are reading this, most probably, you are also looking for a mentor and I personally recommend you to go to only one class of Akmal Akbarov. After this one lesson, I bet, you will not look for another teacher.
Akmaral Suyundikova
Student, Tashkent State Stomotology Institute
Online English Club - для меня не просто центр английского языка, но и моя "семья". Почему? Потому что, здесь я научилась очень многому и нашла много хороших друзей и отличного учителя. Приходя каждый урок, я чувствовала себя счастливым человеком. Когда я пришла в центр первый раз я не имела никаких знаний по английскому языку.

​Благодаря труду моего учителя и поддержке всего коллектива я добилась больших успехов. Английский язык был нужен мне для поступления в ВУЗ. Те знания которых я получила здесь мне очень помогли в этом. В этом году я поступила в Стоматологический институт. Я считаю, что и центр и его коллектив самые лучшие из всех остальных учебных центров, которых я видела до этого момента.

​В недалеком будущем я планирую продолжить учебу вместе с моей группой
Dildora Nishanova
British Embassy in Tashkent
I consider Akmal as one of the teachers who has been able to show a positive and professional attitude towards his work. Having a good knowledge of overall structure of teaching process, Akmal can develop a well-planned training programme taking all stages of learning into account. It includes identifying the level of student’s knowledge and conducting individual sessions while assessing student’s progress during the course.

​The materials provided to my daughter (as a student) to use during her lessons and progress reports sent to me (as a parent) regularly, demonstrate Akmal’s awareness of modern methodologies and best practice. I consider this and his openness for feedback on his work as his continuous desire to improve his tutorial skills and professional development. He is able to set an example of punctuality and responsibility while maintaining high standards of professional behavior.

All above ultimately gives practical effect through each lesson conducted with full engagement of the student in the learning process in interactive mode rather than one-way teaching. I'm also impressed with Akmal’s efforts of encouragement of students to keep on developing beyond classes through various digital media (e.g. creating opportunities for them to express their opinions and debate on various issues of English learning.
Abduvosid Malikov
Graduate, Westminster International University in Tashkent
Firstly, class atmosphere is very friendly. A person entering the classroom feels him/herself very easy and free as here no bureaucratic or strict rules are observed with Akmal Akbarov. Tutor tries to explain the lessons as simple as possible using different materials. Materials cover almost all aspects of English and all of them are described using situations which we observe in our daily life.

Generation gap is almost not visible as Akmal aka tries to share his own experience, let the students to easily express their ideas and tries to be positive all the time. I still remember our first lesson with him which was dedicated to the topic of “friendship” and he asked me to tell him something about it. It was very difficult for the first time and I could manage to tell only 2 or 3 complete sentences.

​After this, he recommended me to read short stories, listen podcasts, watch interesting English TV broadcasts that broaden the fantasy and worldview as well as improves communication skills. It really helped me and after that I started speaking English and expressing my opinions fluently.

All above mentioned factors are not the indicators of absence of discipline. I remember once I have not done my homework but anyway attended the lesson. My tutor Akmal aka instead of scolding me made it clear that learning was two sided process which means it requires the effort from both sides – tutor and student. If one side does not participate at all in this process, there will be no positive results.

He also has unique teaching style. During our lessons, we were limited to a single topic. We used to discuss recent news, global events, cultures of different countries and others. We used several mobile applications and games to better remember the topics.

As I mentioned earlier, before I attending the lessons of this tutor I could barely speak English. I had plenty of ideas to talk about but could not manage to express appropriately so that people also understand my viewpoint. Also I had a poor vocabulary (lexicon). If it comes to my writing, it was also very poor. I remember my first essay about friends where I wrote about 4 paragraphs and in each paragraph I had 1 or 2 sentences (in Russian or in Uzbek) which were not translated into English at all. Earlier I had not read books so often and especially if it came to English books, I was very passive.

When I started attend Akmal Akbarov’s lessons I could easily talk with my friends in English. Every lesson I read new texts and learned new words, improved my vocabulary. We started to analyze essay examples of IELTS and put my first steps in writing. As the time passed by, I could write 2, 3 essays in a week. I started to listen and read podcasts. It was both interesting and effective as it also helped me to improve my pronunciation.

My biggest achievement was that I have entered the world of interesting ideas, discoveries, topics, and many others that require from the person the knowledge of language. I am very happy that I have worked with Akmal ala and recommend him to others also. You will learn a lot with this tutor which further allows you to independently continue your adventure.

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Meet Akmal Akbarov, a person who has designed the whole Talk the Talk-1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 online speaking courses.
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    successfully completed a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning level-7 in 2023. The course is validated by the University of Westminster, London, UK.
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    successfully completed the Cambridge Assessment English Train the Trainer course in August 2022.
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