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How did Dubai get so rich?
Dubai is a global business hub and luxury tourist destination that boasts the world's tallest building and a police force that drive supercars. So how did it get so rich?

Midtown Manhattan Isn't What It Used to Be
If when you think of Midtown Manhattan you think of traffic congestion and tourist traps, then it might be time for a re-visit. This part of New York has seen a boom in new restaurants and bars, especially from Brooklyn. Welcome to Midtown, where old New York charm is being joined by Williamsburg cool.

SpaceX just launched humans to space for the first time
Elon Musk's aerospace company, SpaceX, just successfully launched its first two people into orbit, ushering in a new age of human spaceflight in the United States. SpaceX is now the first company to send passengers to orbit on a privately made vehicle, and the flight marked the first time astronauts have launched into orbit from American soil in nearly a decade.

The Smart Car Failed In The US, Now It's Betting On China
The tiny Smart car was meant to be a revolutionary new idea in urban mobility. But more than 20 years after its creation, the Smart car pulled out of the U.S. after years of increasingly dismal sales. Now, its parent company, Daimler, is looking in a new direction.

Welcome to Shenzhen, China's Tech Megacity

Shenzhen has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of hardware. If you own a smartphone or computer, odds are parts of it came from here. In 30-years the city has grown from a town into a megacity of over 12 million people. Welcome to Shenzhen, the manifestation of China's economic miracle.

Elon Musk, Jay Leno and the 2021 Cybertruck
The 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is a massive truck with sports car performance! Watch as Jay Leno and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk take this new car for a spin. Then, you can catch this episode on demand now! Then tune in next week to Jay Leno's Garage, Wednesday 10P ET on CNBC!

How 156 years of British rule shaped Hong Kong
Even though Britain gave Hong Kong back to China 21 years ago, today when you walk around the city you can see British fingerprints everywhere. From statues of Queen Victoria to double decker buses, British culture and lifestyle is baked into the culture at every turn.

How the British royal family makes money
The British royal family is very rich, but not as rich as you might think. And that's because of a centuries-old model for how they make their income — and taboos about earning a private income outside of their official duties.

It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.
There's a door on the 10th floor in the Vox Media office I hate so much. You probably know one of these too. But it's not our fault. And luckily, Roman Mars of 99% Invisible magically arrived in my cellphone to send me on a cross-country journey to find out the incredible surprises behind this common complaint:

It's not you. Phones are designed to be addicting.
Today's phones are hard to put down. Push notifications buzz in your pocket, red bubbles demand attention, and endless distractions sit at your fingertips. It can feel impossible to pull away from. But that's kind of the point. When people talk about the "attention economy," they're referring to the fact that your time and attention are the currency on which today's applications make money.

Mars: when will humans get there?
Sending astronauts to Mars is a daunting prospect. But this will not deter NASA and private companies from trying to put humans on the red planet.

The future of work: is your job safe?
The world of work will be radically different in the future. From hyper-surveillance of staff to digital nomadism to robots taking jobs—how, where and why we work is changing beyond all recognition. Film supported by Mishcon de Reya

Why Norway is full of Teslas
I spent a day in Oslo before traveling to Svalbard, and noticed that there were Teslas everywhere. Upon further investigation, I learned that the Norwegian government heavily incentivizes ownership of electric cars: Tesla doesn't pay a sales tax on the models it sells, electric car owners are exempt from automobile tolls, and they can charge their vehicles for free.

The Million-Dollar Hacker
Tommy DeVoss used to break into websites illicitly. But after serving time for his crimes, he now uses his skills to earn an honest living. Through arrangements known as bug bounty programs, companies pay him to find security holes in their systems. He's now earned more than $1 million in this emerging profession.

India's trucks are works of art
Bedfords were first introduced to British India during World War II. This truck model and others similar to it stuck around, and since then they've been produced commercially throughout the country. But today, they're not just functional and mundane — their paintings make them stand out.

What does a cashless future mean?
Somewhere in the near future physical money will become like these - Relics of a different age. And will only be found in places like this. In other words hard cash will disappear. It will become electronic - transferred by things like these.

What does a cashless future mean?
Somewhere in the near future physical money will become like these - Relics of a different age. And will only be found in places like this. In other words hard cash will disappear. It will become electronic - transferred by things like these.

Why This NYC Apartment Costs $28.5 Million
We set out to find out why this apartment is $28.5 million and learn about the history of New York's real estate market along the way. The reality TV star and top NYC broker Ryan Serhant delves into the details of the super-rich real-estate and who the buyer could be.

The extreme homes of maximalists and minimalists
In a world obsessed with clean, decluttered spaces, some people still find beauty in an overstuffed apartment. Live a better version of yourself with more stuff, or less? A maximalist and a minimalist, by showing us their lifestyle in extremes, confront each other on the relationship between belongings and happiness. Is there a middle road for living authentically?

Why physical books still outsell e-books
E-book or physical book? You may be surprised to hear that for most, old school print on paper still wins. CNBC's Lucy Handley reports.

How to stop plastic getting into the ocean
Plastic pollution poses a major threat to ocean life. Meet the engineers who are using rubbish-guzzling boats to stem the flow at its source.

How is the coronavirus pandemic saving the planet?
The coronavirus pandemic has led to governments taking drastic action to stop the spread of the virus and save lives. BBC My World investigates how the environment is reacting to lockdowns around the world, and if these changes could last.

Who is leading in renewable energy?
Around the world, governments are tapping into renewable sources to fuel the growing demand for energy. But as the conversation steers away from the costs of clean energy to the best practices, CNBC's Nessa Anwar evaluates which countries are having the most success and the challenges that still lie ahead.

When to go from employee to entrepreneur
We've all thought about it: Quit the 9-to-5, start your own company, become the next Jeff Bezos. Only it's easier said than done. So what does it take for someone to go from an employee to an entrepreneur? CNBC Make It met with three people who did just that to find out.

Why is Apple so expensive?
Apple products have never been cheap but the cost of many of its gadgets has increased dramatically over time. So what makes Apple's products so pricey? CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains.
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