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Podcast Episode-2 Aging
Scroll down in order to see the rest of the materials. Download PDF material with questions and get ready
before listening to audio or video podcasts.
Don't be shy to practice your speaking.
Your Speaking Materials
Download your PDF material and play either audio or video podcast in order to practice your speaking skills. Hey, good luck! :)
This PDF material consists of several questions on the topic. Please, download and explore the questions before listening to them one by one. It will help you to get prepared. Don't forget to use the expressions from Useful Language section when you answer the questions.
Have you looked through the PDF questions? Now you can play the audio podcast and start practicing your speaking skills. Your tutor Akmal Akbarov will pause for about 50 seconds after each question. During that time you should speak.
If you want to see your tutor Akmal Akbarov and practice your speaking face to face, video podcast can be the best option for you. If you have looked through the questions, you can play the video and start practicing your speaking skills.

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