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Pop-Ups: a new way to shop and eat!
Looking for a new eating or shopping experience? Why not try a pop-up?
Pop-ups are shops, restaurants or art galleries that open for a few days, weeks or months, then close again. They'reoften advertised on Facebook and Twitter, or by word-of-mouth. Pop-ups can appear in all kinds of places: the street, the park, train stations, warehouses, hotel lobbies, department stores, citysquares ...

They're popular in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the United States, but are becoming trendy in many other countries. There are several types of pop-up shops. The Swedishmenswea r brand Brothershas The Suitcase Store. This is a large, old-fashionedsuitcase with built-in shelvesfor the company's suits, shirts, and ties. It's the biggest of big Swedish cities.

In2008, Reebok opened a one-month store called FLASHin New York City's CVZcontemporary art gallery; and WIRED magazine opened an electronic store every winter in New York City with a big launch partyfull of celebrities. Designer clothing rands, shoes, bags Kale Spade opened a store for three weeks in New York City's Bryant Park, offeringhoppers free hot chocolate. And Model's Own BottleShop is a make-up brand that sells a large bottle of nail varnish (with a bit of the varnish spilling out).

They set up one of their first stores in the Westfieldshopping centre in London. Pop-up restaurants oftenuse clever marketing tricks to attract customers. TheDisappea ringDining Clubkeeps its location secretuntil it's fully-booked. Oneof their events included a fivecourse dinner withwelcome cocktails andcanapes for £55. They alsohad DJs and live music.

The 180 Restaurant and Barin Paris opens for 180 days from 7th January to 7th July. It's situated on the top floor of the Pullman Hotel. withspectacular views of the Eiffel Tower. New items are added to the menu on the twenty-fifth day of each month. It's advertised by word of mouth. The "Fondue Tram" runsfrom October to March.

It takes guests along the atram route in Zurich (Switzerland), passingChristmas markets. LakeZurich and the city's "altstadt" (old city). The interior of the tram is designed to look like an atypical fondue restaurant. Fancy going to a popup?
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