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Task Description: Name matching questions involve matching a list of people's names to a list of statements using information in the text.

Skills Tested: These questions test various reading skills such as scanning for names, recognizing synonyms and paraphrasing, and using context to understand meaning.

Key Tips:
  • Statements and names won't appear in the same order as listed in instructions.
  • Statements often paraphrase information in the text.
  • Names may be shortened in the text.
  • Using different colored pens to underline names can be helpful.
  • Don't spend too long on any one statement; move on and come back later.
  • In some cases, there may be more statements than names, allowing for repeated use of names.
  • Carefully read statements to understand their meaning.
  • Scan the text for names and underline them, using different colors for each name.
  • Start with names that appear only once in the text.
  • Match names to statements based on their opinion, research findings, or theory.
  • Cross out matched statements and repeat the process for remaining names.
  • Pay attention to synonyms and paraphrasing in both the text and statements.
Sample Question Practice:
  • Read statements and try to understand their meaning.
  • Scan the text for names and underline them.
  • Match names to statements based on keywords and context.
  • Double-check matches and confirm correctness before moving on.
Real Test Expectations:
  • Expect more use of synonyms and paraphrasing in the real test.
  • Practice with past test papers to improve speed and confidence.
These points, tips, and techniques provide a comprehensive guide for approaching name matching questions in the IELTS reading test.
How To Answer Name Matching Questions
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