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12 Free and Amazing Tools That Can Make Your Life Easier When Preparing for Your Lessons

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Although I am a big fan of using technology in teaching, I don't necessarily use it directly in teaching my students, considering the latest fluctuations in the electricity provision even in the capital of my country (Uzbekistan).

I always have this second thought at the back of my head telling me, "What if electricity gets cut off? What if the computer stops responding? What if the Internet speed slows down? What if not all of my students have smart phones? What if some of my students don't prefer technological methods of completing the tasks?" and the list actually goes on.

Having said all this, I do use a lot of technological tools when I am getting prepared for my lessons and designing lesson plans. If you look at my working desk in my flat, there is not a single paper or English Language Teaching (ELT) book lying around on my desk or on my bookshelf, although I have a lot of non-ELT books to read for pleasure.

I use the following tools and websites when creating my lesson plans, but please don't get me wrong. This blog is super young, so I am not sharing any affiliate links in this post.


I use it when I need high quality and high resolution images.


I use it when I need professional Power Point Presentation templates.


I use it when I need professional and cute looking illustrations.


I use it to solve most of my online problems when creating learning and teaching materials.


I use it when I need ad free online dictionary that actually provides nice example sentences too.


I use it because I want the text in all of my learning materials to be error free.


I use it when I want to save all the sources I use when creating my lesson plans.


I use it if I want to create some posters for my lessons.


I use it when I create e-homework tasks and make announcements to my students.


I use it if I want to use videos in my lessons.


I use it if I want to download my videos from YouTube.


No, I don't use it as it is not yet available in Uzbekistan. But when it becomes available it should be number one tool for most of the educators to explore and use.
What tools do you use for teaching and learning? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.
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