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Talk the Talk - Empower Your English Speaking Skills for Success⚡️

Learning English Online
Dive into the world of English language mastery with Talk the Talk, a comprehensive 3-month online speaking course specifically tailored to meet your language learning needs. Whether you are an office employee, a business owner, a freelancer, a student, or even a retiree eager to keep your English language skills sharp, we have you covered.

Step outside your comfort zone 🚀

Start your journey with a diagnostic test to identify your current English level. Aimed at learners with at least an Intermediate level or IELTS 5.0 - 5.5, our course ensures that you will be in the right learning environment to prosper.

Join a community of learners 💬

Upon successful completion of the diagnostic test, you will be welcomed into our exclusive Telegram group, which serves as a hub for all course-related activities. Experience your first lesson as a demo, absolutely free, just by clicking the Zoom link shared at a specific day and time.

Engage in immersive learning 📚

Each of our 36 interactive online lessons is designed to encourage you to speak English, fostering an all-English learning environment. Work in pairs or small groups, engage in lively discussions, debate on various topics, and explore stimulating videos.

Enhance your learning through practice 🎯

After each lesson, complete e-homework tasks on our Online English Club. Get instant feedback and marks on your work, helping you identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Track your progress 📈

After every 12 lessons, participate in Progress Exams where your speeches, vocabulary, fluency, and confidence are marked. Receive comprehensive, detailed, and constructive feedback on your performance and guidance on how to further improve.

Learn with the course author 🎓

All lessons and homework tasks are meticulously crafted by Akmal Akbarov, a seasoned language teaching specialist with a diverse educational background, including an MA in Education, TESOL/TEFL Certification, and a Certificate of Attendance in Artificial Intelligence – Opportunities & Challenges from the British Council. Akmal's expertise in language teaching, learning, and pedagogy assures a high-quality learning experience. To learn more about his academic background please click here.
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