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How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions in Listening Like a Pro

IELTS Listening Tips
Today's lesson delves into the intricacies of tackling one of the trickiest segments – multiple choice questions in the listening section. These questions come in two forms: individual questions with distinct options and the challenging list selection. To empower your skills, we'll unveil five essential tips, coupled with a practical exercise to sharpen your proficiency. Let's unravel the strategies, decode the traps, and ensure you navigate multiple choice questions with finesse. Ready to elevate your IELTS listening game? Let's dive in!

1) Look for a Title:

  • Check if there's a title. It helps you understand the topic. For example, if the title is "A Rainforest Excursion," it tells us it's about a rainforest visit.
  • Why: Titles give you the context, making it easier for you to understand.

2) Read the Question:

  • Underline how many answers are needed. Find the keyword, like "recommended." Focus on what's suggested for the rainforest.
  • Why: It will help you understand the question and what to listen for.

3) Paraphrase:

  • Know synonyms. Words like "recommended" will be surely said differently in the listening. Being aware of similar words helps understand better.
  • Why: Try understand different ways something can be said.

4) Read the Options:

  • Know all options before listening and focus on relevant ones. Don't get distracted by unnecessary details.
  • Why: It will help you focus on the right information during the listening.

5) Watch Out for Traps:

  • Be careful if you seem to catch "the correct answer" because it may change later as well. The speaker might suggest something else and then say it's not needed.
  • Why: This will help you avoid falling into traps where the right answer is changed later.

These tips help make sense of multiple-choice questions in the IELTS listening test. Pay attention to the context, question details, synonyms, and traps to do well. Regular practice and learning new words are important for success.
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