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What Students Think About Our Online Courses?

Learning English Online
Three months ago, we signed a contract with Juru Energy Consulting to help their staff members improve their English language skills, in particular their speaking abilities.

Students took our 3-month Talk the Talk online speaking course, which consisted of 36 live speaking lessons delivered over the Zoom platform.

They also had e-homework tasks that they were required to complete as part of their learning experience. The whole course component was delivered online, except for the monthly speaking exams, which took place at the Juru office in Tashkent.

Students' speaking abilities were assessed one by one by the course designer and teacher, Akmal Akbarov, and detailed feedback was provided to each student. Feedback both highlighted their strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the course, all 12 students were asked to complete this end-of-course evaluation form anonymously. 9 out of 12 students have expressed themselves and provided both positive and constructive feedback.

As the course is over now, we would like to thank Juru Energy Consulting firm for being fully committed to the development of its staff, regardless of the length of their service in the company.✨
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