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Students can't learn anything new by simply reading books & completing exercises. It's important that they practice what they learn. In other words, if they want to learn how to drive a car, they should drive the car. They can't learn how to drive by reading books about driving, can they?
Akmal Akbarov
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Offline training
— Teaching observations (10 teachers)
— Written & oral feedback to teachers
— Written & oral report to a principal
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Offline training
18 MLN
— Teaching observations (20 teachers)

Five-day teacher training
— Five-day seminars with teachers
— Written & oral feedback to teachers
— Written report to a school principal

— Teaching observation (20 teachers)
— Year long teaching observations *
— Whole school observation
— School website (Sample)
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Training Program Details
This is what your school teachers learn during our 5-day training seminars which will improve their teaching skills once and forever.
My name is Akmal and I am a teacher.
Seminar-1: Deep & Surface Approaches to Learning
Not happy with the results of your students?
Seminar-2: Student VS Teacher Centered Teaching
Are your students looking at the clock in the classroom a lot?
Seminar-3: 10 Rules for Effective Teaching
Let me help you to make your life at school as enjoyable as possible.
Seminar-4: Methods of Assessment
Do you students see the exams as a punishment or an opportunity?
Seminar-5: Inside Effective Learning
If your students learn how to do their homework, a lot will start to change.

How Teachers Rated Us
At the end of our 5-day training seminar we asked the training participants at the Diplomat International School to evaluate our course content and trainer anonymously.
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Teachers' opinion
Open your mind to new experiences
My name is Akmal and I am a teacher trainer based in Tashkent. I enjoy helping schools & their teachers improve their performance and offer high quality education to our community.
Call: Monday to Saturday / 10:00 - 20:00
Zoom meeting is also possible
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