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Welcome to Intermediate Course
My name is Akmal. You can call me Akmal aka, Mr. Akmal or Mr. Akbarov.
  • Learn Zoom Etiquette
    It is important to know how to behave yourself when you are learning English online with other students. Learn top 22 Top Tips to Have Best Online Lessons
  • Download Kahoot
    Kahoot is an online game we play after you have learnt new words from each unit. You will need two devices to play the game. Download the free app from Google Play store here.
  • Download Coursebooks
    I use Headway coursebooks by Oxford University Press. During the lessons your homework is checked using iTools app. Download student's book. Download workbook.
  • Pay Online
    All payments are made online to 8600 3329 7446 9573. Cash isn't accepted. If you're in Uzbekistan, use Payme. If you're abroad use Paysend. If you're in South Korea use Hanpass. Students in the USA should use MoneyGram.
Course Content
These are the things you will learn during this online course.
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