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Want to Practise Your Speaking With Me?
30 audio & video podcasts cost $ 80 / 800,000 UZS.
Having been a teacher of English and IELTS for more than 20 years, I always meet students who are not happy with their speaking skills. They want to practise their speaking but don't have a partner who is ready to help. Is it about you? If you said 'yes', then I am sure I can help. Scroll down below and see how I can do it. I have created 30 audio and 30 video podcasts which you can use to improve your speaking skills even if your don't have a partner..
Who will benefit from this course?
Almost anyone with Intermediate or higher level of English who wants to practise speaking but doesn't have a partner to assist.
Teen and adult students with too much theoretical knowledge.
Busy and working adults who feel like they are slowly losing their English.
Married women babysitting their kids who wish to restore their English.
How it works
Open PDF Material
Scroll down and click on any topic you're interested in.
Play Audio or Video Podcast
Play the audio/video podcast to listen to the questions.
Pause & Speak
Pause after each question and answer the question.
Try & Buy
Confused or hesitated? No problem! Check two trial podcasts below and see what we are offering you today.
This is a trial PDF material with audio and video podcast. Press 'open' and see the materials.
This is a trial PDF material with audio and video podcast. Press 'open' and see the materials.
Parents' & students' opinions
  • I know Akmal's courses for a long time. My eldest son scored well at his IELTS course and is now studying in the USA. Recently, he's launched an online course of a new format. I checked it and it turned out to be very useful and interesting for English learners. In this course I liked the new format, thematicity and selection of vocabulary and phrases. I especially liked the format of the training, specifically the accessibility and distance learning. I'm thinking of purchasing it for my children who are also learning English. This course will be useful not only for children but also for all age groups.
    Nasrullo Nigmatullaev
  • This course is very useful and comfortable for those who are embarrassed to express their opinion in front of a large number of people. No matter where you are, you can improve your English speaking skills without a partner or teacher. For one thing, you can improve your listening skills also. Thank you Mr. Akmal for such training opportunities.
    Feruza Yunusaliyeva
  • In short, I really loved this online speaking course. I tend to think that it will be one of the best courses because I have improved my speaking in first lesson! You should read and answer the questions every day and as a result you will speak English fluently
    Laziza Bakhtiyorova
  • I liked this online speaking course. There are easy-to-use PDF files with matching photos for each topic, audio and video. I believe that this course will be a necessary and useful course for all because most of us need to improve our speaking skills. Mr. Akmal, thank you so much for the opportunities you are creating for us.
    Noibaxon Sarikhodjaev
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